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Thread: Cherry Jewelry Box

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    Cool Cherry Jewelry Box

    This is a Cherry Jewelry box that I made.There's a pull out necklaces carousal behind the door and the drawers and inside top is lined with felt.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Great looking jewelry box Joe, I really like the design and the curved drawer fronts Looks like it is musical too boot

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    Very nice Joe. I assume it plays her favorite song(?).
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    great looking jewelry box, welcome to the site(posting wise), looking foward to seeing some flatworkers here....
    must have driven by your home many times, as my kid went to Fredonia and we used to drop her off at her roomies parents home in lancaster.
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    That's a looker! Nicely done.
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    i like it.. and if you still have it i would like to see it alittle closer,, the overall look reminds me of a entrance to a castle.. the thickness on the top level, is reallt that thick or are deciving us with your trim work.. very nicely done
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    Welcome to the family Joe.

    Great looking jewelry box!

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    It made out of 3/4 Cherry, It look thicker than it is, Thats what I was trying to do.Theres a inlay on top also. No I don't have it anymore it sold real fast. Im going to start on another one real soon. I will post some pictures when finished.

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    I love the curved drawers. I can see why it sold so fast
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    Great looking box Joe. I would like to see some pics of the inside of the next one you build. LOML is wanting one but we/she is having a hard time coming up with a design. I have yet to set down and try to figure out sketchUp. I will need the book "SketchUp for Dummies."

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