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Thread: Wood Gloat

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    Wood Gloat

    Last winter I cut down a few trees to have them milled for lumber. I had taken the first 4 of 6 to the sawyer and he had gotten them cut by the first of Aug. I picked them up and stacked. I took the other 2 and he called me later that they were ready. That is when the problem started. I was in the middle of the harvest and couldn't get away to get them right away. I had been using my dad's pickup to pull the trailer. The end of July dad moved into town and my brother bought the pick up. I called him and arranged to get his pickup to pull the trailer with. I got the truck and went to dad's farm to get the trailer. It wan't there, my nephew had it. 2 weeks later I got the truck again and this time also got the trailer. The pickup and trailer are on hours drive way from me. Headed out and lost the front wheel of the truck about 25 miles from its home. Got the truck towed and thought what the heck. Hooked onto the trailer with my little S10 and took it home. Put a brake controller in my truck and finally got my wood. The gas alone probably cost more than it did to mill the lumber. Damage to the truck was about $1500.00. I do have a nice pile of lumber. It is soft maple, ash and walnut. I am going to get some more trees cut this year and stack way form my retirement years. I plan to get some sycamore, black locust, burr oak, birch, and walnut.
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    Rex, you have a right to gloat. That's an impressive stack of lumber. From the sizes shown in the pics, it appears your sawyer got everything he could out of your logs.

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    Wow, three snapped studs on that rotor. I hope you weren't going to fast and didn't have to go looking far for your tire.

    Nice wood haul.

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    Rex sorry to hear and see the picks of your truck. I can feel the pain given my own experiences with vehicles lately. But the wood haul being home must have cheered you up.

    Heck just seeing that open space around you would put a smile on my face. Nice haul you got stashed now. Dont wait too long to use it. Life is too short.

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    nice stack. use it well.
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    Sorry about the truck but that is a great haul of wood
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    Never want pieces to fall off a truck when driving, ESPECIALLY WHEELS Bad for the truck, good no one got hurt GREAT on the wood

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    Great gloat! After the bad luck with the truck that jointer gloat seems even more deserved.
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    Congrats on the wood. That wood will bring you pleasure way beyond the time that the stories about the 'adventure' loses their shine.
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