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Thread: Band clamp questions

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    Band clamp questions

    Iíve been looking at these: 2 band-type clamps as a solution for clamping small boxes easily one-handed.
    Does anyone have experience with either? The ratcheting style appears to be made by Wolfcraft for Menardís and the screw type is most definitely Wolfcraft. I believe Wolfcraft is a reputable name but none are available for trial.
    Do they work well? Are they truly one-handed?

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    I have and use this one used it just last week on a picture frame. Normally on small boxes I use painters tape to hold the joints together and as the clamps, the band clamp, for me, tends to pull the box out of position at the joints. But when I use mine on small boxes, I still tape the joints first. All in all I like mine and when it is needed it is a good tool for the job

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    I have the Bessey version and although it does what it is supposed to do, it was not the answer to my prayers in clamping mitered constructions. I have tried many of the "self-squaring" and equal pressure designs. None so far have lived up to their claims. They do all provide pressure where its needed but, some tape or small parallel clamps do that too.
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    I have the Wolfcraft one you linked to, it's fine, but I find anything taller than than the corner braces don't receive the same amount of pressure{if that makes sense} and tends to distort the joint some...then again, my mitre joint skill leaves a lot to be desired

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