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Thread: 2012 Shop Resolutions

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    2012 Shop Resolutions

    It is about the time of year where folks make New Years Resolutions that they don't keep

    So what are your's for your shop. Tools, organizing, new building?

    Here in Southern Indiana, 2012 will be the year of Health and Safety. I have most of the health stuff taken care of already. Got the filter for the dust collector and the air cleaner. Looking real hard at the Wynn filters for the air cleaner. Probably won't change that out until the factory one is needing replaced. I am wanting to make a separator for my trash can. I also have picked up a respirator for when I hand sand.

    My one big shop purchase will be a different table saw. I know I am going with a 3hp model. Truth known, it will probably be a Sawstop. When you factor the prices for a 3hp cabinet saw, the SS comes right in the same price line.

    I also need to do a little electrical upgrading. I have too many receptacles on one breaker. Not too many per code, but too many when it all is running. Plenty of room in the panel for the upgrade.

    So lets have it. What are your Woodworking/ Shop resolutions for 2012?
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    My resolution is to FINALLY do my shop expansion going from around 500 sq ft to 900 sq ft I am taking over the entire basement except for the laundry/Furnace/storage area which is around 350 sq ft.

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    Health upgrade for me as well. A dust collector will be in there very soon. That will lead to the second resolution...electrical upgrade. With my current setup I don't think I'll be able to run the dust collector and anything else at the same time. (not really helping in the health upgrade) Want to upgrade to bigger lathe (probably 220volt) next year as well so this will be a step in the right direction.

    Also, I hope to be able to keep things more orderly out there this coming year...of course I've say that every year.
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    Hoping for a dust collection system myself...though, the way the 'real' work thing has been going, looks like I'll need a 'sugar mama' type client, or keep the thought on ice until better times.

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    First thing is to clean and straighten up in the shop/garage.

    Next is to actually get out there and make some sawdust.

    Finish 2 flag cases started 18 months ago.

    If I can get those done then I'll figure out what should be next to occupy my time.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.

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    1) get a subpanel installed in garage
    2) finish building all the shelves/drawers
    3) organize it
    4) develop a 'place for everything/everything in its place' method of work.
    5) Build something
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    I have a lot on my resolutions list:

    Finish up electrical work for the lights and North wall (which will be started this weekend).
    Health Improvements, Dust Collection and Air Skimmer.
    Build storage cabinets and work benches.
    Build out a Finishing Room (glue-up room too...if items below don't get finished). I've been dry fitting, then gluing up in the garage at the house, since it's heated.
    Finish out upper parts of North and West Walls, add blocking to keep the rats out, and insulate.
    Vapor barrier & Metal skin the ceiling, then insulate.

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    Well i hope to get more shop time. When that happens then i will concern myself with what i do in the shop.

    I have in mind to launch a new business and that will be like having a new child.
    Lots of babysitting.

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    Build shop cabinets on wheels. Also build hanging wall cabinets on cleats. Plan for moving the shop again.

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    Haven't thought that far into it yet... one thing I would like to get is an old freezer or dishwasher to make a drying kiln for some of my bowls...
    If the wife had a say, I'd clean and clear out the shop a little... may do that without too much urging from her as sometimes it's difficult to move around much... won't do any new tool purchases or at least none planned at the moment... just have to wait and see what the shows bring this year so there's funds for the fun.
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