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Thread: Which Titebond glue do you use?

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    Which Titebond glue do you use?

    After reading a thread started by Rennie it got me thinking that I need to go buy some more glue. I know that there is a lot of different glues out on the market. I have used Titebond glues with good results so I will probably continue to buy that brand. However they have Titebond I, II and III. For those of you that use Titebond glue, do you keep different types on hand or do you always just use one or the other, and if so...which one?
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    I just use Titebond Original for virtually everything. I use Gorrilla Glue for the very few things I make that go outside.
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    Titebond Liquid Hide Glue
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    When I was making a fair number of cutting boards, I used Titebond II, largely because it has better water resistance than Titebond I. I also used it on other flatwork, but that's because I was buying it by the gallon, so it's what I had handy. I did try Titebond III, which is the most waterproof of the three, but it seemed to have less open time and I didn't like it as much. I believe Titebond I has the longest open time of the three, so for things other than cutting boards, that would likely be my choice.
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    I use the original titebond. I buy it by the quart and use 5 or 6 a year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gibson View Post
    I use the original titebond. I buy it by the quart and use 5 or 6 a year.
    WOW, that's a lot of glue!

    I have used Titebond III for about three years and have gotten used to the short open time.
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    I don't use Titebond at all. I like Elmer's yellow.

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    I use either Titebond original (I) or Elmer's carpenter's glue, whichever is cheaper in gallon quantities (I use more than a gallon per year). I cannot tell the difference between those two.

    I have made cutting boards with Titebond I and have had no problems, although theoretically II would be better. II is water "resistant" but not waterproof, which means that I cannot fix the accidental glue fingerprint that I missed until late in the project.

    III is waterproof, and claims to work in colder temperatures, but if you read the specs, it is only 4 degrees F colder.
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    I use the original most, but keep the extended formula on hand for complex glue ups and the dark on hand for working with walnut. I have no idea why I use the dark because, if I'm doing things correctly, no one will ever see the glue anyway.
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    I use TBIII

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