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Thread: Some additional Shop Storage (AKA The Bunk Bed)

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    Some additional Shop Storage (AKA The Bunk Bed)

    Hello Folks:

    It's been a while since I have posted much here on FWW.

    I spent a bunch of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas redoing our family room. Took the entire room back to the studs, installed some recessed lighting, sealed and insulated, had it sheet rocked, painted it, trimmed it and put down the laminate flooring.

    During all that time the raw supplies, garbage and general detritus ended up in the garage. I got the garage clean enough to let LOLM pull her van in but never got my side clear.

    Below is a picture of the front of the garage where I park most of my equipment:

    I decided I needed some vertical storage. The ceiling is only 7 foot so I can't go too high. I decided on a shelf to go over where I park the table saw. I couldn't find anything off the shelf that would fit so off to Home Depot I went for 13 2x4x8's. A little cutting, some glue, some screws and voila - the bunk bed. My kid's came thru the garage and asked me what I was building. A bunk bed was the first thing that came to mind. LOML was with them and joined right in saying they could sleep in the garage if they wanted. No takers . . .

    The legs and the stretchers are double 2x4's in a sort of half lap construction. The 5 top supports are single 2x4's pocket screwed to the stretchers. The frame was very sturdy "side to side" but a tiny bit wavy "front to back" so I pocket screwed a Z-Brace on each side. This thing should meet the Ambassador's "Build it Stout" requirements. I was on top of it nailing on the veneered chip board top and it wasn't moving at all. It's 6 feet long, 42 inches deep and 40 inches tall.

    I took a pictures of it in place with most of my equipment in place and once I re-install the big cabinet back in the in the kitchen after shortening it by a few inches there will be lots of room on top for storage. The band saw will be parked immediately to the left of the bunk bed.

    Unfortunately I didn't build a safety rail on the Bunk Bed. As I was getting down off of it by sliding down backwards while reaching for the floor with my feet I didn't reach the floor before my center of gravity got below the level of the stretcher and I rotated off and landed on my butt. Not harm but a slightly wrenched back.

    I've basically taken 8 or 9 years off from doing any major work on the house, so I have a lot of projects in the pipeline.


    Jim Mattheiss
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