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Thread: Worthwhile tip for every woodworker that sharpens a tool

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    Worthwhile tip for every woodworker that sharpens a tool

    Ok so you got a grinder and you bought the slow speed or fast speed, heck you also went and got yourself a fine grit wheel like a 80 or 100 grit.

    So now you all set and get to start grinding at your grinder. Whether it be spinny tools or plane blades i want to share a tip i came across.

    For the longest time i been truing my grinding wheel with the standard T device that came with my grinder. I even tried the diamond tip gadget till i sent the diamond running.

    But one thing you got to keep in mind is that as you use the grinder the wheel which was originally say 6 or most likely 8 inches is getting smaller in diameter.

    The other thing you find is that the balance of this wheel changes.

    Way back when i invested in this gadget from one way and attached it to my grinding wheel.

    It works quiet simply provided you remember you have it.

    So before i set about grinding my tools over the holidays i first took my wheel out and readjusted the settings it only takes a minute to do and then put the wheel back and only then trued my wheel up.

    What a huge difference to the grind you get and the quality of the grind.

    Instead of having your wheel beating against the tool as you gently bring it up to the wheel you get a nice smooth grind.

    This is one device i really dont regret buying and after this latest experience being able to see how well it plays its part made me comit to making sure i put it on any additional wheels i buy.

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    I've had those for years and they do really work well!
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