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Thread: Maple Burl Bowl..

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    Maple Burl Bowl..

    This is a bowl I did from a maple burl that I picked up at my last show in Farragut. One of the farmer vendors also runs a sawmill and had some oak burl that he asked if I was interested in... it was really nice burl, plus he had more at the mill... we drove up to look at the wood.. got about 10 pieces of the oak burl for about $60, plus this Maple burl for about $10... the burl had some bark inclusion that I couldn't take out of the foot and a little on the side. The bowl is 7 1/2 diameter by 5 high. Finish is polyurethane.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Tellico Plains, TN
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    Beautiful wood and an interesting design.

    Well done.

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    That's a pretty hunk of wood and a nice design, Chuck! Nice job!!!
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    Looks great, Chuck.
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    Really nice bowl and the wood is beautiful.
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    beautiful work!
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    Great job man, and that's some really nice wood

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    i think that has as much spinny grain as your lathe spun to make it.. nice looking wood and bowl to
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    Chuck, that is a great looking bowl. Form kind of reminds my of Egyptian pottery.
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    sounds like a great deal on the burl to me
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