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Thread: Holy Madrone Burl, Batman!

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    Holy Madrone Burl, Batman!

    This piece of madrone burl was checking faster than I could turn it. I got it roughed to shape and bathed in DNA for a couple of days, then wrapped it up in newspaper for about a month. I unwrapped it a few days ago and it had cracked like a...well, like something that's cracked a lot. It also had a number of worm holes that seemed to fit with the theme.

    I decided to try finish turning it, so I puckered up and and got the outside in pretty nice shape with the bowl gouge. Then I got out my square scraper to smooth out the curves a little bit, and the first touch of the scraper blew the piece up into three chunks, two of which went flying. I put it back together with CA, then finished shaping the outside with the 80 grit gouge. I also decided about then that I wasn't interested in trying to lighten up the rim or finish the inside. I know some guys have turned much more dicey pieces of wood, but I'm new enough to this game that I chicken out pretty easily. In the end, I kind of like the chunky collar, and the wall thickness is actually pretty decently thin.

    It's about 5" wide x 4" tall, finished with Antique Oil and de-glossed with 0000 steel wool.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	HF4aT 800.jpg 
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Name:	HF4eT 800.jpg 
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    Comments and critiques are welcome.
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    pretty wood! i wouldn`t spin it .....finesse on the lathe to me is 1/4" at a pass...tod
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    Pretty impressive! Thanks for letting us 'check' it out.
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    STUNNING!!! My luck would have had one of the three pieces blown to Kingdom Come - rendering it useless to try to glue together. I'm still hunting for one piece of a recent blow-out that I thought I'd be able to salvage.

    An absolutly gorgeous piece of wood!

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    I'm thinking you were looking for a full face goalie mask or something while doing that

    I would have bathed it in CA not DNA

    The results are great!
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    I'm not sure I have the nerves to turn something like that. Looks pretty good though.

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    WOWEEE!!!! Vaughn that is a great looking piece.

    By the looks of it, I'd put it at about a 8 or 9 pucker factor.


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    Nice save. Did you catch the pieces in the air?

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    Vaughn......Gorgeous piece of wood. Name this one "Vaughn's First Primitive".....One thing you might consider in the future if you want to finish something like that. I live in the Lewiston Orchards. Fruitwood is readily available and as several very experienced turners have asked of me "If you ever figure out how to keep it from cracking, let me know". I've been successful using epoxy and crushed instant coffee crystal to fill cracks and gaps.....Let it cure for a few days and finish turn it. On large cracks I take painters tape and seal the inside of the crack and fill it from the outside.

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    Excellent job Vaughan. I have the same problem I got a load of maole last fall sealed the ends and it is splitting faster then I can turn it. You can see some of the cracks i've sealed in my bowls.Anyway great job on saving the piece.

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