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Thread: Grandpa at Kindergarten

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    Grandpa at Kindergarten

    I had the privilege to give a little talk about woodturning at my grandson's kindergarten class. I enjoyed being there and I hope that they all learned a little bit. My grandson asked to do this back before Christmas but we could not arrange a time that worked. I showed a log, a bowl blank, a rough turned bowl, my respirator, a bag of shavings, a finished bowl, a little turned duck, a screwdriver, and a winged bowl. During my little talk I passed around some of the items above and then after my talk they were all able to come up and pick up the log, the bowl blank. I have attached some pics.
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    Wayne that's just great that not only he wanted you to do that, but that you could find the time to get it done. Great job grandpa.

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    Great job Grandpa! Looks like it put a smile on more than just the grandson's face, looks like the whole bunch enjoyed the day.

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    That's terrific Gramps

    I've got one of those coming up soon too. I'm bringing napkin holder kits for the kids to make.
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    Way to go Grandpa you dun real good there. Glad it all came together for both of you. Bet you spurred a little imagination in those brains.

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    Way to go Wayne, plant the seed in them young minds that they too can make stuff, it does not have to be all store bought!
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    Way to go dad! You can tell the kids enjoyed it too!
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    That is cool Wayne. Don't be surprised if someday one of them asked you to teach them.
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