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Thread: Pop-up canopy curtains

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    Pop-up canopy curtains

    This is for you guys that do shows and have pop-up canopies. You may have the canopy top that has the velcro liner for adding sides to your canopy. When I bought ours, they wanted an arm and a leg for them, so we didn't order them.
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    However, I needed to hang curtains on our canopy for the photo booth. While at the blue borg today, I came across these great little "S" clips.
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    A little browsing of the hardware isle I found everything I needed, grabbed some 3/4 EMT conduit and was out the door. I cut the conduit to length, 2" from the end I drilled holes through and used some 3/16" x 2" eye bolts (10-24 thread) to create hangers from.
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    Not the final curtains, going to return these, but you get the idea. I've actually got two rods hanging on each hook so we can have layered curtains/back drops that can be easily changed out.
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    Thanks Darren! That's pretty slick.
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    Thinking aloud but i believe your shop at the far end will do well with a structure like that and some heavy plastic types for a welding enclosure.

    Great idea.

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