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Thread: I am still married.

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    I am still married.

    There was some possibility that events this weekend could change my status.

    As some of you know, I am in the process of installing a lower shelf on my workbench. I needed to prep 8 boards that were only 2 feet in length. I hand flattened the boards with hand planes, a task better accomplished when they are cut close to size. Since I am only a part time masochist, I never had any intention of thicknessing them by hand. To get around the snipe issues with my planer I decided to chain feed them into the planer with a sacrificial scrap of wood at the front and back. I am just not willing to lose a good 4 plus inches per board to snipe. I have done this with longer pieces at it works great. Problem is that I would need someone's help to do it with these short boards. That someone would have to be my wife and this is where the possibility of divorce comes in.

    One thing I have learned is that men and women are from two different worlds. Hearing something and learning something are two different things. Trust me, I have "learned" that we are different. Two men can grab hold of a couch and carry it up several flights of stairs and though several rooms and not ever say anything except for a few communicative grunts and eye movements. My wife does not understand man grunts and any task we do together is often doomed to much stop and go as we "discuss" what we are doing. Often there is some problem because I have "failed to explain" what we were doing.

    So I approached this task with much trepidation as I imagined something out of Lucy and Fudge Factory occurring. I very carefully and specifically spelled out what we were doing with a couple of trial runs. I especially emphasized that the boards had to laid back to me in the same orientation (up & down). Amazing enough it went off great with no problems. Well, there was one board that got fed in wrong (wrong side up) and as my wife quickly pointed out, that is the way it was when she got it. Oh, one other thing I have learned, sometimes it is your fault even if it wasn't.
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    You are a brave man Bill! Glad things worked out so well for you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Satko View Post
    ... Oh, one other thing I have learned, sometimes it is your fault even if it wasn't.
    And this is NEWS to you???

    Seriously, I'm glad everything worked out OK. LOML couldn't begin to use very many of my tools, but she's a good helper - when I've explained everything well!!!
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    I had a similar experience shortly before I moved to Albuquerque. I needed to plane several 10' lengths of 6" wide 8/4 maple, so I knew from the get-go that I was going to need a second set of hands and arms. Bless her heart, LOML handled her end of the bargain (er...the boards) with aplomb, with nary a complaint. Didn't even complain about the hearing protection messing up her hair. (Thank goodness she didn't break a fingernail.) Of course that's the sort of thing a woman never forgets, so somewhere down the road, when I least expect it, I'll "owe her one" and need to help her with some chore I'd much rather not do. Probably something along the lines of dog suppositories.
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    well bill, i am glad you got her threw the first grade and maybe someday you can get her into high school and maybe graduate the course of man thoughts you, will never pass woman psychology so just go threw the paces and have a good time
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    Bill it gets even tougher when your wife is a McGiver and adds her own two cents on how she thinks it should be done and 50/50 chance she is gonna do it her way if you like it or not. I agree there is no ways we the same animals.

    Kinda makes me wonder every time i think of the boy scouts in Canada allowing girls in. I aint heard of the Brownies or Girl Guides inviting boys to join.

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    well rob i wished they had back in my scout days,, would have made the camp outs more fun
    If in Doubt, Build it Stout!
    One hand washes the other!
    Don't put off today till tomorrow!

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    Watch ya talking about

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    Uhhhhh, guys? Girls have been scouting boys for longer than there have been scouts. Just sayin....

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    I don't know what planer you have Bill but here is some help for portable planers.
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