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Thread: Roubo bookstand

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    Roubo bookstand

    I saw this in the Feb 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking and decided to make one just to prove I could do it. The one that Roy Underhill made on his PBS program had round knuckle joints but I cut mine at 45 deg. 'cause I'm lazy. Took about three hour to build and was kinda fun. It's about 9" wide and 18" tall when lying flat. I used Basswood for its ease of carving, just hand pressure on the chisel. Gave it away to a friend of mine but borrowed it back to take pictures. I'm good at making stuff and giving it away without taking pictures first. That way the bad ones don't come back and bite your hinnie.
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    Nice job Roger! I saw the video for that in one of these threads recently and thought something like that might make a nice tablet stand as well...
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