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Thread: Drill Box

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    Drill Box

    I'm sure it's because of the cold weather and lack of heat in a lot of shops, but I've noticed a lack of projects being posted lately. I know I'm as guilty of posting in the off topic section as anyone.

    I wasn't going to post this as it's not my best work, but we need to get some woodwork on the Woodworking forum!

    I got tired of storing my forstner bits in a drawer so I put this together out of the scrap bin.

    Pray for Spring and warm weather!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nothing wrong with that box Dan, looks very handy.

    I've got several small projects like that on my list, looks like I'll be adding another.

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    nicely crafted box Dan.
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    That's a handy-dandy box you made there, Dan! Good work!
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    I would show you my box. Fortunately for me however---mine came in a box---Thank you Grizzly.

    Dan, my box is good, your's is very good and fancier.

    The cold weather definitely freezes my creative and woodworking talents. Perhaps I should sign up as a Blood Donee for Michigan or Wisconsin blood.


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