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    Compound Miter

    So I got a pretty nice gift from a buddy when he gave me his 12" compound miter saw by craftsman, but it hit the wall the other day so I am in the market. I just recently bought the Bosch 4100-G table saw, so I am not looking to spend a ton, probably under $200. Any advice or recommendations from you guys? I'm also not sure if I want to go 10" or 12" and sliding or not.
    Let me know your feelings on that too!!

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    Jack, I'm not much help on miter saws (I've just got a low-end Delta), but I think within the price range you're looking at, you'll have a hard time finding a slider that's worth using. I've seen good reviews of the Hitachi non-sliding compound miter saws, and I think they have one or two 10" models that are within your budget. I'm sure others will chime in with more experienced advice.
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    i would agree that for the money your looking at ,your gonna be hard pressed to get a good one and i would stay with a 10" just to keep the price down and the accuracy is usually better on the smaller saws.

    a possibilty, more money but nice saw.. LINK
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    I assume you are cutting a lot of long narrow stock like crown molding and such if you require a mitersaw. I also agree that a reliable slider in that price range doesn't exist. I would concnetrate on non-sliders and get a better, more accurate saw. Capacity won't help you if the cuts are poor. If you are working with shorter stock a sled on the tablesaw will beat the CMS every time. I have a 10" DeWalt that does what it is supposed to very well but, I only use it about once every couple of years if I am doing trim work. Otherwise I don't see the need for it.
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    Yea I probably need to work on a crosscut sled for my table saw, probably worth saving some cash now.

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