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Thread: Robs thought for the day.........communication.....

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    Robs thought for the day.........communication.....

    I was delighted with the responses i got from my previous thought for the day and it got me to thinking about another one.

    I used the word discipline. What becomes apparent if you examine the responses to the thread is that different people with different backgrounds have different interpretations they apply to words.

    Nothing wrong about that. But it brings up the point about how we communicate.

    The faster our world goes and the more we take on trying to do which invariably involves the computer and email, text, and forum posts, the more prone we are going to be to having the wrong interpretation come from our words.

    So think about this if you run a business and are marketing your business to prospective customers.

    How do you communicate with them. In sales you only get a short window of opportunity to make it or break it.

    Ask yourself next time you loose a deal and think it was because of all the usual things you would blame did it have anything to do with communication?

    How sure are you that the other person trully understood your point.?

    Its not the same as whether they agree with you or not, they can disagree but did they understand you before they even decided to disagree.

    I come across so many small businesses where the marketing literature or the website has not changed since it was first created or printed. The pictures in the brochures alone are obvious ones where one can see things have moved on dramatically since then. But they still using the same old brochures or flyers.

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    The example of using the same brochure might be two things. One they are lazy. Two the cost, they want to clean out of the old brochures before spending the money to create new ones. (am guilty of this with our farm business cards!) On interpretation, coming from a family of traders. The best example that comes to mind is when a horse trader tells you the horse you are interested in, "doesn't look so good". You the buyer are of course wanting it so think to yourself that it looks good to you! Later when you realize the horse is blind at night or has vision problems understand the trader was honest with you!

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    where does one get the trust that the horse trader is telling the truth or just trying to get you to buy something because they said it wasnt good so you go in reverse thought process.. as for the brochures rob i have seen that way to many times.. and its getting worse with the money not being there as it once was.i can give you a fine example i had one customer at work tha thad up untill the last couple years trucks with plows on them that were in the late 50's and sixties.. they still had sales as there product was built like the old days in good material and solid.. now they have lightened them up for the newer trucks, and have upgraded there picturees.. so better brochures new verbage and lighter equipment for more money.. and as of last summer were struggling with little or no sales.,, for reasons unknown to me.
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