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Thread: Good friend waas injured

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    Good news
    So mote it be,

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    I hope his pain goes away soon and that he can get back to a normal life.

    I wish him the best.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Hawksford View Post
    Bill Thanks.
    Your avatar pic, nice looking veneer. I did a table some years ago in that. I was wondering if you got our veneer from Oak Wood company.
    The main veneer in the current avatar photo is described in the text of the thread on my credenza build. I rescued it from going to the dumpster at a commercial shop. I got quite a bit of other veneer the same way. A majority of the veneers I have in stock are bundles I picked up at The Woodworking Shows over the years. Oakwood and a couple of other suppliers are places I look from time to time, but the only actual online order I've ever placed was for a sheet of mahogany veneer from Joe Woodworker.
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    glad to hear he is gonna come threw unscathed dave.. i bet your next favor is filling in the holes or stopping the hole makers
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    Rosie, Grovs wife said he came through surgery very good. 4 hours and he may beable to go home tomorrow. She expressed thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. Thanks all.
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    Hey! It's always nice to get some good news...
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