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Thread: The Shop at the NEW "Caughron De Rosa"

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    The Shop at the NEW "Caughron De Rosa"

    OK I figured I had better start a thread on the Shop at the NEW "Caughron De Rosa" before I got yelled at.

    The is the 30 X 60 (yes Rennie that's 1800 sqft) pole barn that was used for horses (no more)

    The second picture is showing where we tore out the tack room
    The Third picture is of the 16 x16 building for storage
    Forth picture is looking at the other end of shop (Note all the Red Oak that is going in the stock pile this was all the way around the inside of the Shop

    Pic Five is the inside of the small shed.

    We are getting ready to run a floor and will be installing Radiant floor heat.

    Things are moving fast and still trying to get a good start on moving to the new Digs.
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    Nice! How big will the next organ be?

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    1800 SQ FT AWESOME Looking forward to see your new shop develop Jay Looks like the new place is country and NO CLOSE NN I hope

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    good to see the pics jay,, now you got room to move around without bumping into something..
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    Forget the shop, get some horses or mules!

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    That's going to be great Jay. Lots of work but will be worth it in the end.
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    I doubt you'll be complaining about space soon! Congrats!
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    That is Super Jay, o glad for ya
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