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Thread: Spinning Tops and Plate Set

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    Spinning Tops and Plate Set

    Just finished this set of tops and a plate to spin them on. The plate is 42cm diameter done in bubinga. The tops are maple, ebony and bubinga. It was a fun little project and even more fun to play with. I did the plate with a concave surface so the tops gravitate to the center. That way we can have dog fights. Oh and if you put a flat surface on the tip of the spinning top they walk around, which is quite fun too.

    The plate came from this chunk of bubinga. Normally a nice wood to work but this one was honeycombed with dry rot. I had to use CA glue to keep it together in places while turning.

    I had to true it up several times as the wood moved over the couple of weeks it was on the chuck.

    The finished set.

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    The plate is just gorgeous and the tops are so cute.
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    Beautiful platter and love the tops.
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