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Thread: Grizzly tenon

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    Grizzly tenon

    I just got a Giz tenoning jig, and I don't understand everything I know about it.

    When I mark the wood where I want to cut it, and put the wood in the jig I can't see the lines because their facing toward the sawblade, if I mark it on the part facing me I'm not sure if the blade is in the right place on the front unless I crain my neck over to see where the teeth are going to cut.

    There must be another way. I know there are other ways to cut tendons, but I have this jig and want to use it. Do you mark it and nibble away at it an the turn the board around. Hope I didn't muddy the waters to much.


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    I have this jig, what I do is to measure from the face of the jig to the saw blade, adjusting it to the amount I want to remove from the outside of the tenon. Put in a backing piece, and take a cut. Check the dimension, flip it over, take a second cut. check the tenon for width. If ok, cut away. If not, have another round of setups til I'm satisfied.
    Failing that, I have also marked my wood to where I want the cut, crane my head over the jig and dial in the approximate setting, make a cut and adjust from there, nibbling away. Either way works.

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    I have the Delta version, but the set-ups the same. I mark the wood on the back, run the jug past the blade, clamp the wood in, and align my mark to the blade without having to do any acrobatics. I always start the cut a bit over sized, making several passes and dialing a little closer till I get a snug fit. Then I can fine tune.
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    i too have the delta version, and what i do is make my outside mark (the one on the left being the inside), clamp it in place, then with the blade up just enough to expose the teeth, back the jig up to the teeth, and dial it in a little oversize, then dial it in from there. forgot to mention, i do this on a same size scrap, before cutting the good stuff.
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    Re tenoning jig. I have an old Craftsman tenoning jig with a one knob adjustment and it works just fine. The secret is I Always, Always make a test cut using a piece of leftover lumber the same dimensions as the piece I'm working work on. No dials, no knobs to turn. Remember the craftsman a hundred years ago or more did beautiful furniture that is still around and worth a lot of money these days.

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    Guys that's just what I needed, I'm ready to make sawdust now, thank a bunch for the tips.

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