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Thread: jewelry and gloves

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    jewelry and gloves

    I was just watching a video on Google about turning... I notices the demonstrator was wearing a glove on his left hand and a watch, plus on his right arm he was wearing a chain link bracelet. I've also notices lots of times the the demonstrators are wearing their wedding rings or other rings on both the left and right hands...

    I always take my wedding band off, mainly for safety reasons as I've seen fingers injured pretty seriously by the wearing of rings... secondly, my ring is a two piece design with a gold sculptured band over a white gold under band and I've already had to have it repaired when I somehow broke the weld between the two bands... plus I like my fingers and don't want anything to catch and remove them. I also wear a gold/silver turquoise ring on my right hand that I take off in the shop... it was a gift from LOML and I don't want to break the stone.

    I never wear a watch... over the years past when I was working, I always wore one as my job was most often time sensitive, so I needed to watch the clock, so to speak... in the last couple of years of my career, the nerves in my wrist under the watch became irritated and I couldn't stand the feel of the watch, so switched to a pocket watch, which I rarely wear either now after retiring... time isn't a factor in day to day.

    The video I was watching, the turner wore on his left hand a leather glove with the finger tips cut away... I picked up that habit a couple of years back as the chips flying off the turnings began to irritate the side of my hand... I used a leather glove with the fingers cut away too, until it wore out and most of the stitching began to come out.... I found one of my son's golf gloves and tried that... I like the tight fit of the golf glove and the snugness around the fingers, so I'll use that until it's worn out, then replace it with another....

    question is: how many turn with their wedding rings, jewelry and or gloves on their hands?

    I could have done this in a poll, but don't know how to set one up...
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    I used to remove my ring and watch when I work with power tools, I dont anymore.
    I dont turn, but dont feel anything thats not hanging or dangling off my body will not cause me harm.
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    I rarely turn anything, but also never wear my wedding ring or anything of the sort when working in the shop. Working around electronics most of my life, I got into the habit of removing my ring when getting into a piece of equipment. It was simple to transition that thought into woodworking. My ex-wife had an issue about my ring, but she had other issues - that's why she's my ex. When LOML and I got together about 20 years ago, I saw that she has a habit of taking off her rings as soon as she gets home so they aren't in the way around the kitchen or whatever. The only time I wear my ring now is when we go out together, but she tells me it's not really necessary since anyone can look at me and tell I'm married!!!
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    I was taught at school in Industrial Arts which covered woodworking and metal working that you dont wear rings watches ties or loose clothing in the shop and it stuck. Like Bill my time in electronics and Tv industry taught me to remove all Jewelry.
    Like Bill i take my watch and ring off when i enter the door and put them on when i leave the house. My wife dont mind what i do with them as long as i dont loose the ring.

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    Ring usually comes off when I get home and goes on in the morning before work or if we're going out. If I'm working around the house or helping someone, it and my watch are not on. Had a co-worker get his hand smashed years ago between a cabinet and wall, wasn't all that bad except for where his ring got smashed. The circulation was gettin cut off to his finger, he was quick thinking and cut it with some wire cutters. Just had some nips where the cutters cut the skin.

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    When I got to the wood shop for turning or (lol bad word in the turning section) there is no jewelry, loose clothing, etc. I have a friend who lost his ring finger due to a woodworking accident that ripped off his finger after his wedding ring was caught. I was also in electronics for 45 yrs and no jewelry. I only wear my ring when we go out.
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    I do not wear jewelry period. One exception: If we are going out and I am dressed for a more formal situation where I do not have a cell phone, I wear a wrist watch.

    The above might be more interesting if you know that making jewelry was one of my hobbies for years. Stuff like engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, and medallions.

    I once had an interesting time with a metal watch band and knocked onto my kiester. The burn scar has finally become difficult to find after 67 years.

    Enjoy and please keep all of your fingers, arms, etc.

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    The only jewelry I wear is my wedding band and it comes off when I am in the shop. I forgot to put it back on some time back and LOML thought I lost it but it only took a moment to show her the shelf at the entrance to the shop where I put it.
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    My dad's missing the ring finger on his right hand due to getting his high school class ring caught up on a truck at a loading dock. For that reason, I've always avoided wearing a ring whenever I'm working with my hands, and especially in the shop. I haven't worn a wristwatch since I started carrying a cell phone with the time displayed on it.

    I had a bad experience with a gloved hand and a drill press, but I do wear a leather glove on my left hand when I'm roughing out a turning blank. I'm just very cautious to keep the glove on the backside of the tool rest at all times. The glove has also been wet enough times (from wet wood) that it's pretty stiff and hard...that much less likely to get caught on something.
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    I usually take my wedding band off when I'm in the shop. As of yesterday though that's not a not that , still very happily married just can't find my ring! I also wear a fingerless glove on my left hand when I turn. It's an old work glove that has CA, sap, oak tanin and who knows what else on it...once it wears out a golf glove might be the way to go.
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