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Thread: A Little Mechanical Diversion

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    A Little Mechanical Diversion

    Our son, now 20, is pretty handy and will try anything.
    We bought an '05 F350 last summer in support of his asphalt repair business. It had a (hard) previous life and came with some surprises. Before Christmas, it was showing signs it had a bad injector, so he got it analysed, identified which one, ordered an after-market replacement, downloaded some how-to video and the project was on. In spite of all our big old buldings we don't have a proper place to do mechanical work, so a friend generously gave us a couple days' use of his serious, big, warm, well-lit farm shop.
    Well, about twelve hours work later, the offending injector was replaced and the others all removed, cleaned and put back with new o-rings, changed transmission fluid and filters (maybe for the first time ever), changed fuel filters and after some cranking and bleeding, she came to life again!
    He did this all himself and I mostly looked over his shoulder, ran for supplies, filters etc a couple of times and offered fatherly (sometimes unsolicited ) advice. No parts left over!We were impressed.
    Here's a couple of pics of the valve cover off, oil bus removed and injectors exposed - about 3-4 hours of dismantling to get to this point.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for looking!

    Now, back to woodworking.

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    As an owner of an 2000 F-350 Diesel, I can appreciate this! Well done!
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    Very cool Peter. Makes me a happy happy man to hear there are youngsters like this. He did well on the time. Congratulate him from me.
    Peter tell him to check out you tube. Recently when i was helping my youngster fix his car, i found a video i cant seem to find now where a guy showed a neat easy to make fuel injector cleaner and tester. I picked up parts for it from Princess Auto and the local scrap yard.
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    Thanks Rob. Gotta like Princess Auto - one of our favourite places!
    Youtube was actually where he found the step-by-step videos specific to this engine. There's even on-line email support, which was also very helpful in answering questions, what to look/listen for etc.
    Our farmer friend commented this was the first time he could remember seeing a laptop involved in a job in his shop! I think he was exaggerating a bit.

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    Your son does not know it, however he is truly grateful that I was not the one helping him.

    Good deal guys.


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    Way to go, son of Peter!

    I think that boy will make out just fine, there are a lot fewer young guys out there now that know how to make things work, you can't outsource a job like that to India

    You got to be really proud of him for this success, as well as he is proud of himself!

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