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Thread: Drill press table

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    Drill press table

    I want to build myself a drill press table top. I want it to have two t-slots and a split back fence with a drawer underneath to store my drill bits. I searched through lots of older threads tonight and finaly came across this one by Dan Forman. Thanks for the insperation Dan. It looks close to what I had in mind however can anyone tell me how to mount a drawer like that? What kind of slides would I need to allow it to hang from the table? Hey Dan.....HELP!
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    I built both of mine with a small drawer on each side - sorta like saddle bags. (Sorry, no pix)

    But... if I was gonna build one like Dan's, i'd build the box for the drawer, and mount it directly to the DP table, and mount the table's platform on top of that, using pocket hole screws.

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    In the pic it does look like the box is mounted to the metal DP table and the new table top is mounted to (or is part of) the box.
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    It looks like a box with a drawer in it fastened to the DP table & the table top is fastened to it.

    I wouldn't use any mechanical glides just a couple of those nylon glides the are fastened into the bottom corners of the box for the drawer to slide on. My reasoning is that most tools get moved around & the drawer would probably roll open when you don't want it to.
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