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Thread: MICRO-KERF 40 10"

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    MICRO-KERF 40 10"

    Anyone have any experience with these guys? Looks pretty cool. Thinnest blade I've ever seen. Would be nice to turn more wood into projects instead of sawdust.

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    for $185 it better save you a lot of material and electricity. I think I'll stick to my Fraud glue line rip.
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    It got a short write-up in the current issue of "American Woodworker." They liked it, but bear in mind they tend to cater to advertisers...

    I've used 3/32" thin kerf blades before, and haven't seen the big deal - at least not on a cabinet saw. If you have lower powered saw, it might make a difference.

    As for saving wood - is a 1/32" (0.031" or less than 1mm) saving really that significant? Most people allow 10~15% or more wastage for their projects.
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    Looks interesting, but it's definitely pricey. And how thick is .062k? I'm guessing they mean .062"?

    I use the Freud thin kerf (3/32") blades on my 1.5 HP tablesaw, and get the same results they mention on their website. (Paper thin slices needing little or no sanding.) To play the Devil's Advocate to Jim's comment, though, I do appreciate the fact that I can rip more thin strips from a board with my thin kerf blade than I could with a full width blade. As I see it, every fourth strip is free, and that did make a difference when I was cutting a lot of thin strips (1/32" to 1/4") for cutting boards.
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    I'm skeptical too. The flowery description of the immigrants plight only adds to it for me. Probably tough for a hobbiest to A)-afford, and B)-achieve noticeable savings in wood or money.

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    For $15 you can buy a fairly nice 7-1/4" blade with a kerf of 0.079", or a bandsaw blade that's even thinner. I'm not seeing an advantage that's worth the price difference over other premium blades in the $70-$110 range.
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    I can buy a lot of wood for $185!
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