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Thread: How to build a poker table video

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    How to build a poker table video

    Hi guys

    First off I want to thank everyone here for such a great website and advice. I just finished my poker table and a video on how to build one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim DeLaney View Post
    If you want video removed let me know. . Category seams right, I guess your own signature backfired on you.

    Though I share it with community cause you guys helped with with staining process. PM me I'll remove it
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    Funny - seems this guy is making his rounds.

    Victor - you probably don't want your 2nd post to be calling someone stupid - just a little friendly tip.

    Having gotten your exact same (verbatim) post on my forum, I am now wondering what your motives are. Hopefully you're really here to help and this is just a wrong foot kinda thing. Let's get a little more info about ya and see what else you can do - I'd hate to think you're just running to every woodworking forum to promote your wares.
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    Maybe we did get on the wrong foot, but from my understanding is that he called me a spammer. I believe spam and well put set of plans (in my opinion) that is placed in the right category in the right discussion board (that helped me achieve good results on my poker table build) are two different things. If you think my craftsmanship as well as my virtual craftsmanship is not to you standards say so don't go crying to the mods.

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    Victor, first of all, welcome to the Family. Apparently, your post was misunderstood by some. I was uncertain until I took the time to look at everything. Your poker table looks great and it's nice that you took the time to show, via video, the steps in creating the table you built. You didn't show the base in the video, but the photos you reference do show a variety that can be up to the builder. I look forward to more of your work.
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    Maybe i'm missing something important but what's wrong with his post??
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    Welcome Victor.

    I must say that I also thought that your post was spam and I made that assumption without even viewing the video or your website. Maybe I was too quick to jump to that conclusion.

    Thanks for taking the time to create the informative video. I hope you will stick around and share more creative methods of woodworking.
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    Victor welcome to the family! Dang you stepped right into it for some reason didn't ya!?! Sorry 'bout that. Beautiful poker table and nice video. As for posting it on other forums, we don't care, many do, why not. Heck something that nice you ought to be proud of it and show it off. We generally aren't the "Hatfields and McCoys" but our passion for this forum does cause us to be over protective from time to time and I for one hope you stick around and show us more projects and jump in and help us with our problems. Your coming back and answering the comments makes me feel you are a member not a one time "show pony" trying to sell something thru the back door. Welcome!!!

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    Here are some still shots of plans that should be helpful also. I am working on a couple animation and one of them is about wood woodworking will post once competed. Detailed plans at Thank you

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