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Thread: Are You a Left Handed or Right Handed Shooter?

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    Are You a Left Handed or Right Handed Shooter?

    First photo is a Winchester 30.06 with Deer antler and a Rifle/Scope clip for a Left Handed shooter.
    Second photo is a Winchester 25.06 with Moose antler and a Rifle/Scope clip for a Right Handed shooter.
    Third photo shows the Right Handed and Left Handed Shooters together.
    Fourth photo shows both the Left Handed and Right Handed shooter style clips.


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    Gee Les...never thought about it. I did not know they made clips for both. Good to know. I have one of those kits but have yet to make it. Not sure what kind of clip it has. This has me I have to go look.

    Oh, pens look great. I only turned antler STINKS...but looks great!
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    Great looking pens Les. I am a righty.
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    Fine work once again, Les. I'm a righty but I've been working on shooting handguns from either hand. (I'm right-eyed, though.)
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    those look great Les I didn't know that you could order those righty or lefty.

    I'm right handed but shoot left handed.
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    Your pens are great looking as always... but I'm not a fan of the rifle clips, either right or left... just my opinion and not worth any more than you paid for it....

    BTW, when I shoot (which is very very seldom) I'm right handed.
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    Those are very nice Les.

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