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Thread: Baby cradle plan question

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    Baby cradle plan question

    Hi. Between just lurking & just plain out of touch, I really haven't had any presence here, but it seems that needs generate participation, and I have a woodworking question, so here I am.
    I'm getting ready to build a baby cradle for an upcoming grandchild, and have been bouncing around the web looking for a good plan for a glider cradle. I probably won't be following it verbatim, but I've found it useful to have a reference point when starting out.
    About the only one I've found is this one.

    It's not too far from what I have in mind, & was wondering if any one here has used it, and if so, wondering what size mattress it's designed to use, and if the glider hardware that you can also order was satisfactory. (I'm kind of planning to make my own glider hardware because I prefer the look of wood over the metal hardware.

    Alternatively, does any know any other websites where there are similar plans. (Please, only sites where you might have been there & know there are specific plans for experience has shown me that lots of links are to general sites full of advertising, more links, etc...been there, done that)
    Anyway, thanks for listening and for any help you can provide.

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    Apparently, it's designed for a 17" by 34" cradle pad since that's what they offer in the article. A 'standard' cradle pad or mattress is 18x36.

    Sorry, but I can't help with a site for any other plans.
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    Buy the mattress 1st. Build the cradle to fit the mattress!
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    My plan was to get the mattress first & do just that, but I was hoping to find a set of plans that I can use as a reference for clearances, height, etc, & not have to re-adjust dimensions. I'm willing to do that, but was hoping to simply find plan set that's the right size from the get-go. Also, since I have the necessary bearings & shoulder bolts, I'm planning to make the glider setup as well, so I was hoping to see dimensions there to eliminate trail & error for good gliding.

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