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Thread: Dad is having open heart surgery

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    Dad is having open heart surgery

    At 8AM Monday morning, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. The Doc is telling us, this is a very risky surgery.
    Thanks everyone.
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    Thoughts and prayers are going his way.
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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    will do dave,,
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    All the best Dave will keep him in my thoughts and look forward to hearing the all clear bell.

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    Thoughts and prayers going up. Went through it with my mom...after a few ordeals, she came out fine.

    Good luck.

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    Done Dave

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    Best of everything for a speedy recovery. My Dad went through open heart 4 weeks ago and came through it fine at the age of 78. Pm me if you need to talk
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    you got it Dave
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    Sure thing Dave.


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    Done, and will continue to do. My dad had a quad done at around 78, and did just fine. Praying your Dad just as well. Now it's not an easy go, and he will lose some weight because nothing tastes palatable after the surgery, but get him what ever sounds good to get the GI track back to working. Jim.
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