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Thread: A new sharpening service.

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    A new sharpening service.

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    I don't know. It seems like someone can make a business out of almost anything. When I was a kid, I never heard of anyone paying someone to walk their dog. Now it is a business.

    The "Errand lady" in Oceanside does (surprise) errands for people for pay. She will take you to the doctor, buy your groceries, take your dog to the vet, etc. She must do OK. She sure drives a nice car that cost her a bundle---unless she stole it.

    A heck of a lot of people purchased "Pet Rocks"---So why not purchase sharpened pencils. And what a deal---you don't even have to supply the pencils. I love it when people come up with these crazy ideas and make it work. I guess I just got handsome instead of having a talent to have crazy ideas that make money.


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    Oh man, and I thought pre-pealed potatoes and onions were the limit. I'd be more interested if he got the wood to paint transition perfectly even (yeah ok so I have a little OCD ).

    Loml got me one of these: years ago, it still has a proud place on the mantle. Equally as useless but better holding power and prompts more "what is THAT?!?" questions than a pencil. Still trying to convince her to make manifold hats

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