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Thread: Largest car collection in the world

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    somewhere east of Queen Creek, AZ - South East of Phoenix

    Largest car collection in the world

    about 3300 cars.... really cool,

    hey Bill ya really need to visit it and let us know what it is like,
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    Man, I sure picked the wrong career

    What a great collection !!
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    I drive the bus between Portland and Seattle everyday, right by the Tacoma Dome where they are building this and have been watching this for the last year. It's quite a place, can't wait till it opens!
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    I live just East of Tacoma and saw a lot of the LeMay collection when it was scattered around the various buildings Harold owned. Harold used to have an open house once a year and just opened all the doors and people wandered around. It was just absolutely overwhelming, you couldn't do it in a day. They are moving just a fraction of his collection to the new museum building.

    It was wonderful. Harold was a great guy to visit with, it is really sad he did not live to see the museum open.


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    Thanks for posting this. It only a couple hundred miles from me. I will se it one of these days for sure. Coarse, now it will probably cost an arm and a leg to get in.
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    Very cool. May be up that way later this spring or summer. Our daughter just moved to Portland and my son is up in Everett, so should be close enough to stop in there. I just hope they have something my wife can do, otherwise she'll be a walking coma for the day.

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    A car nut could go nuts in there. What amazes me is how many of them I recognized.


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