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Thread: Looking for my first pair

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    Looking for my first pair

    Of steel toed work boots.

    I've always worn sneakers or regular work boots in my shop. Dropped a few things on my foot from time to time but no big deal.

    Until yesterday........I brought a beautiful piece of 5/4 13" wide X 10 foot long curly maple (wood gloat coming in another thread) from my garage to my basement shop. Making a long story short, one end caught on the step of my ladder and when it slipped off the other end fell out of my hands and landed across my toes. Xray showed I fractured both bones in the big toe. My right foot looks like its been painted black from the bruising. Man, it's painful.
    So, I no longer think that guys who wear steel toed boots in the shop are a bunch of sissies. In fact, I'm almost thinking about trying to remember where I put the blade guard for my table saw.......
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    Well Bob you can join my "sissies" club
    I took the plunge in December and treated myself to a pair. Frankly they one of the most comfortable shoes i have owned. I did get a pair of inners at the same time.

    But here is another positive about it. You feel a lot more solid when you plant your feet to work a machine or at the bench.

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    What are inners?
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    I got my pair 65 years ago and still have em......
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    I wear steel toes about all the time. I bought a new pair for work, yah I work in the parts dept now but I still like them. The old pair a wear to the shop here at home. I buy my shoe off the Matco tool truck that comes to the shop at work. These are the most comfortable shoe that I have ever had while standing on concrete. They are not cheap, about $200.00 but are well worth it when you are on concrete all day. I do wear tennis shoes in the shop at home in the summer when I do some finish work.

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    I've never worn steel toed boots, but I can and do sympathize on the broken toes... I kicked a downhole gun off a pile a few years was blocking a dock door and I just wanted to move it... I shoved it off the stack so it wouldn't block the door, it rolled back onto the foot I was standing on, hit my big toe right on the end... cracked the bone in 6 places... essentially crushed the tip of my toe... the gun only fell about 6 inches so I thought it was just mashed, until I felt the blood oozing and realized my sock was getting wet... it's been nearly 20 years and that toe is still stiff....
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    @Don....65 years? Well, maybe if you wore them...

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    My neighbor wanted a pair, but his wife said he wasn't allowed to spend the money....I heard he grew a pair and got some after-all

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    I've had a pair of Red Wing steel toed work boots for a few years now. I just about always wear them in the shop, when I stack firewood, and always when I run the chainsaw. Certainly makes me feel safer.

    I once took care of a guy who was a construction worker, had a 2,000 pound pipe fall onto his big toe, crushing it. He was weeks with daily dressing changes, oozing, a mess. He was wearing sneakers when the accident happened. He told me over and over, that if he'd been wearing steel toed boots, his toes would've been amputated. I dunno. For what we do in our shops, I think steel toes are the way to go. One bit of warning, try them on carefully, there's no give if they are tight, and if the overall boot is too heavy, you won't want to wear them.
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