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Thread: You know what I like? I like fixing things...

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    You know what I like? I like fixing things...

    So Bob (the skid steer) developed a leak in his auxilliary hydraulics last week. It's because the old hydraulic tube was all bent up and was actually getting pinched between the arm and the body.

    Well the new tube came in today so I picked it up and installed it. It was actually pretty easy, but I had to use one of my woodworking clamps to pull the fitting into place so I could attach it at the end of the arm. Nothing is bent out of shape or anything and the new piece fits just like it shows in the pictures in the book, and not like the old one. Took me about 45 minutes, but only because I was taking my time on things.

    Works like a champ and I'm back in business.

    To top it off, the local bobcat shop is a nice friendly place, and I picked up a whole new set of filters for bob. So this weekend he gets a bit of a cleaning and all fluids and filters will be changed...

    Here's what it was like before. You can see the top line was getting led way to the left.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    And here's the difference between the old and the new tube.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Brent have I got a job for you lol
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    It sure is great to fix something yourself, know it is done right and have saved time and money by doing so!
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    Well, when I saw him standing on top of Bob's roof, I was getting a little nervous. Should have grabbed the camera.

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    I like fixing things, too. My planer suffered a broken handle during the move here. So I ordered a new part tonight. Thanks for the inspiration, Brent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharon Korn View Post
    Well, when I saw him standing on top of Bob's roof, I was getting a little nervous. Should have grabbed the camera.
    So, that was the Tarzan call I heard earlier....

    Kudos Brent... as they say..."if you want it done right...

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    Good job Brent, i am in your camp too. Well done,i got a feeling if Bob were alive he would be very happy with his new home and owner. Enough of this throw away system. Recycle repurpose and repair.

    Go Pats Go

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    Did you wear ear plugs to protect them from the fluid?

    Looks like that new line is in a whole lot better shape than the old one.

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