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Thread: Another One For ...........

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    Another One For ...........

    Up coming Sportsman/Gun Shows.
    Will see this weekend how these 50 caliber ballpoint pens and the 50 caliber tooth pick holders go over, should be interesting.
    These are getting addictive and will be even more addictive if the sell well.

    This one has a Black Walnut casing with a Maple nib that takes a Cross refill.
    Finished with 6 coats of MINWAX Clear Gloss Wipe-On-Poly and used my "Dipping Method".


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    Man, your casing proportions on these looks spot on, Les. Another fine one here. I'll bet they do very well at the shows.
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    I tell ya Les that looks really nice. You have got them down to a T.
    Bernie W.

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    I'll bet they sell like hotcakes. They should make it past the TSA where as the brass casings could cause problems...
    So those that travel may really like them....


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