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Thread: Need simple project idea for Boy Scout woodworking merit badge project

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    Need simple project idea for Boy Scout woodworking merit badge project

    I have been asked to be the woodworking and woodcarving merit badge counselor for my son's Boy Scout troup. Their ages average about 12 years old. Last night we started with shop first aid, forestry practices, sawmilling, and wood identification. Next week we're going to cover sharpening and proper handling of hand tools. Then we're going to start on a flatwork project. They are also each going to turn a slimline pen. So, I'm looking for ideas for the flatwork project. I want to keep it relatively simple in that it can be done with the purchase of maybe a couple 1x8's so that the cost stays low. I don't have a problem with them using the bandsaw, slcs, and any handtools. Any body have any suggestions?
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    Bird Feeders? Bird Houses? I was crazy about bird feeders when I was a kid... Plenty of room for creativity too....
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    Brent beat me to it! Bird Houses and let them get creative, cause they certainly will. Russ

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    A small book rack made with had cut mortise and tenon joints to hold the ends in place.


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    Foot stool.
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    Open-topped tool box?

    Although I think the bird house or feeder would offer more room for creativity.
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    Jerry kudos to you for taking on this role and doing what you do for the kids.

    I like Vaughns idea simply because i did the same thing with a bunch of cubs before and the feedback was unbelieveable. Many of the parents told me the kids were so proud to have their own toolbox.

    But that was a younger group.

    I think if you could add to the complexity of the toolbox idea proportional to the age group then it could be a winner but certainly the bird houses allow for a great deal of creativity.

    As to the creativity side have you guys been through the Scout Truck races. Its the step up for the older boys from the cub car races. ?

    Keep up the good work. Best of luck in the choice

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    Just the ramblings of a former teacher.

    I am assuming that your goals are to teach them how to use the tools and to learn the process of making a project. Any of the projects mentioned would be good to accomplish those goals.

    I would have them do identical projects because:
    1. You know the exact the amount of material needed.
    2. You know which tools they will learning about and using.
    3. They will learn from each other as they go thru the process.
    4. You have some control over the process and maintaining your sanity.

    Creativity is good, but I don't think it is what you want at this stage. If everyone is doing something different, they will run you ragged answering questions. Learn the tools and process first and then insert the creative aspect.

    This works for high school students as well.

    Good luck,
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    A birdhouse was suggested and I have a plan for a bluebird house. I found it online when looking for what specs for bluebirds. The plan I found was a little rough and I re-drew it in SketchUp. Here's a graphic of it along with a link to the SU file from my website.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BluebirdHouse.jpg 
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    Although this is a fairly simple design, that's what bluebirds like. It incorporates some simple angles and bevels. It might look like the sides and top don't match up but that's to allow for ventilation. The top is held in place by the beveled cleat attached to the back board which is used to mount the house. It has one screw in the center front to hold it to the front so it can easily be removed for cleaning. It's important that the hole in the front be as shown to keep larger birds out. I used cedar so it will weather well; all components will come from a five-foot long 1 by 6. I suppose one could get a bit creative with the mounting board by extending it and adding some shape to it.
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    how about serving trays, with hand cut dovetails....
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