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Thread: funny how things work out....

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    funny how things work out....

    lost my cell phone the other day, same day as getting my car's headlight checked. well out one cell phone, gained the headlight (needed to have a fault code reset). got the phone part taken care of, and was told delivery was set for today (2 day delivery). i thought, yay!, it will be here the same day as the mortising machine! well, got an email about the phone, it is to be delivered on monday, because the order got in too late. that'll be ok, i still get my mortising machine on friday. while waiting at pop's house for it (that's where the shop is), got a call from ups frieght. they were sorry to inform me that the delivery wouldn't be today, as the truck hauling it (and other things, so i'm not alone here), broke down just outside of st louis missouri. the rescheduled delivery date is, you guessed it, monday. so once again, my new cell phone, and the mortising machine, will be delivered on the same day, only a couple of days later. life just doesn't get any better, does it?
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    Bummer. Yeah, I bought a touch screen monitor to do some R&D with. Got the tracking number last Friday. As of Wednesday (the estimated delivery date), it hadn't been picked up. Checked again today and it's to be delivered today and was picked up Wednesday. To top it off, suppose to rain all day and I think my wife has errands, so it will be sitting in the rain (oh and Fed-ex is delivering it, guess I should have put some padding on the front porch for the landing ).

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