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Thread: Rockler Aluminum Router Lift FX

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    Rockler Aluminum Router Lift FX

    This lift is sale priced here: ,almost within my budget until Feb. 8th.
    Does anyone have experience with this lift ? Or thoughts about it's quality and usefulness ?
    I am using a Bosch 1617 with the standard base in my table right now but, this seems like it could be much more precise and easier to use plus allowing above the table bit changes.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I don't have experience with that particular lift but that is an excellent price. I have a Jessum lift and a lift makes a world of difference over a router attached to a plate when you're adjusting the bit height.
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    that is a good deal, from what i can see.. i paid half that just for a attachment that acts like a lift with a plunge router.. if i were in the market and it accepted a larger router i would think hard on it but it fits your router just fine from what the manual says..
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    I'm picking the same one up next week.

    I picked up a almost brand new rockler router table on CL a week or so ago for super cheap $. I finally replaced my old PC bench top.
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    I have that lift and it works great for me. I did have to shim the plastic insert with a sheet of paper to get it level with the rest of the lift.

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