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Thread: Randy at Monster Lathe Tools - Updated 3-3-2012

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    Randy at Monster Lathe Tools - Updated 3-3-2012

    I just got word from Randy Privett's daughter that Randy is in the hospital in critical condition. Without going into a lot of details, he's dealing with multiple serious issues, and his prognosis is still not clear. If you have ordered anything from Randy recently, please know that they are doing everything they can to get the current orders completed, but you should expect your order to be delayed beyond the 3 to 4 weeks that were previously advertised. (I just changed the website to say the delay would be at least 6 weeks, but at this point even that is probably being optimistic.) They are still accepting new orders, although here again, you should expect a pretty long delay if you order anything.And if you're so inclined, your good thoughts and prayers will be appreciated by Randy and his family.
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    Wish him a quick recovery.
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    Thanks Vaughn, we'll keep Randy in our prayers and thoughts.

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    Best wishes going out to Randy. Here's hoping he get's well soon...
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    Sorry to hear this news. Best wishes coming his way.
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    Best wishes and thoughts heading his way from the DiCara household
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    hoping for good news in the future
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    Thanks for the heads up Vaughn.

    I am wishing and hoping for the best for him.

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    Thoughts and prayers to Randy and his family. Here's hoping for a speedy and complete recovery.

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    My thoughts and prayers go out to Randy, his family and his medical team.

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