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    Dust Collection

    Anyone use a Oneida Air Super Dust Deputy cyclone with their DC. My experiment with making a Thein seperator to use with my HF DC does not work very well so thinking about trying the Oneida Air Super Dust Deputy cyclone, it would save a lot of time. Does 4" flex hose fit directly onto the Oneida Air Super Dust Deputy cyclone?
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    First of all welcome. Several have done the dust deputy things and there are several threads on it. Also Vaughn did an entire thread on the Thein seperator you might do a search on that.
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    Someone posted something about using a cooking wok installed upside down inside the HF dust collector fairly recently. I can't seem to find it. Anyone else remember this thread?

    Welcome Robert!!!
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    Welcome aboard, Robert.

    I've got the little 5-gallon bucket sized Dust Deputy, and it's a great addition to my shop vac. I'd bet the larger one would work very well with a Harbor Freight DC. I'm curious, though, why the Thien separator didn't do the trick for you. Did you build it onto a separate container like most folks do, or did you build it into the DC itself like a few of us have done? I've heard of (and seen) great results from both methods.

    Bob, here's the wok mod thread I think you remembered:
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    Welcome to the Family, Robert!

    Sounds like a few other members are taking care of you already!!
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    It was me who posted the "upside-down-wok" thread. It's been about six months now, and I've filled up and emptied the DC several times since modifying it, and can attest that the wok 'baffle' really works well. There's virtually nothing on the inside of the upper bag. I can thump it, and almost nothing falls off it into the lower. Before installing the wok, the upper bag would accumulate a lot of sanding dust.

    BTW, I'm not familiar with the "Super Dust Deputy" but I've had the original one (plastic version) connected to my Fein vacuum for a couple years. I've emptied the can under the Dust Deputy a few dozen times, I guess, but haven't had even a cup full of dust accumulate in the vacuum's tank yet.
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