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Thread: Still playing around

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    Still playing around

    A couple of boxes...The wife likes the Spalted 'cats eyes" one. The mahogany & R.O. got a test inlay, the Mrs had some glitter glue lying around, eh, it's different anyways ....and a neighbor kid wanted a blu-ray/DVD rack for his collection, slapped this one together out of scrap ply, pine, & maple face trim on the shelves & base. Tempered hardboard for shelf liner{I guess you could say } tried to keep it on the cheap for him and it got me away from boxes for a time...anyways, beats scratching off items on the 'honey do' list

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mini-box 1.jpg 
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Name:	mini-box 2.jpg 
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Name:	mini-box 3.jpg 
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Name:	mini-box 4.jpg 
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Name:	mini-BRR1.jpg 
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Name:	mini-BRR4.jpg 
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    That's a pretty Ritzy cabinet for, "On the cheap."

    You should have seen the book case I had when going to school. An orange crate. One time Myrna and I felt flush and we spent something like 30 cents for some naugahyde to cover it. So your "On the cheap" sounds like pure luxury to us.


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    Great stuff, Ken. The DVD rack looks too nice to call a "rack", and I really like the corners on the cat's eye box. The glitter I mention how much I liked the DVD rack? (Seriously, the box is nice but the glitter doesn't hit my buttons.)
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    Looks like you you've been practicing for the next box swap Nice work but I really like the "cats eye" one.

    I don't ever remember saying this to a guy before but, nice rack
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    Nice job on all of the items, Ken. They show your versatility, for sure!
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    All nice Ken and I am with your wife on the spalted cats eyes one, love it I really like working in knots on projects and those WORK

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    great stuff, Im currently working on some boxes to see if its possible to make to sell them at any kind of a profit.
    Im very discouraged right now, time invested does not look like theres any way to make a profit.
    Ken, if you didnt float the top panel on the spalted maple box, will expansion/contraction be a problem on the frame around the top?(I made some simple lift off tops and was wondering if I could just glue a frame around them without worrying about expansion)
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    Thanks guys, I appreciate your time & thoughts! Anytime in the shop, is better than, showtime in front of the TV

    Bob, you cracked me up with that one

    Allen, I'm the wrong fella to be asking, as I'm still a noob at all of this...I haven't had any of mine separate at the framing, and I've used simple glue on's to bread-board edgings. My problems usually arise at the mitered corners of the frame opening if I don't spline them{that, and the fact my miter skills lack to begin with}. And please let me/us know if you figure out a way to equalize the time/profit sequence

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    That spalted one is the cat's meow

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    Super nice job the boxes and dvd stand.
    Craig Lorence

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