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Thread: Rounded or Tapered ?

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    Rounded or Tapered ?

    Make me one of each and I'll decide ! Both 180mm dia.

    Burr Tulip, Walnut & Oak.
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    I like em both
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    Rounded gets my vote, but that's because I almost always prefer curved lines over straight ones on turned pieces.

    Nice work on both of these, though.
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    Nicely done Chas. Rounded for me.
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    Another vote for rounded.

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    Well to me it is like this decision. I'll give you a million dollars. Do you want that in tens or twenties?

    Heck I don't care, I'll take the million any way you want to give it to me. Same thing with your bowls; I would take either one. And, I am sure glad I don't have Vaughn's straight line hang up---I sure would like his skill however.

    Great work, as always Chas.



    ps. I hope you have a VERY LONG road to travel.
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    Tapered.. but they are both beautiful..

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    each one is more beautiful than the other
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    They are both beautiful, but if I had to pick I would pick tapered.
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    I also like them both, but I also prefer the tapered one . great work once again.If you keep practicing Chas you might just get this down pat!

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