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Thread: scroll saw?

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    scroll saw?

    My wife has been in Illinois for 2 weeks. Twice she has called implying she'd like me to buy a scroll saw so she could use it.

    Any suggestions? I 'd prefer to buy once so quality would be my preference.
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    I bought the DeWalt on the advice that it was cheaper but of the same quality of the excaliber one. Haven't fired it up as of yet, but that is the route I went.

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    I've had the DeWalt DW 788 for several years - bought it using the price/value approach. I don't use it a lot, but it never fails to do the job.
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    The DeWalt was once the king of mid priced scroll saws. The Type I set the standard. Once production moved over seas (type 2), problems started t ocrop up. I own 2 type 2's at the moment. Both were replacements for saws that failed within a year of purchase. Since DeWalt was bought out recently, problems with what once was a good saw are common. I recommend you browse thru

    While I am confident most any saw will work just fine for the average persons very infrequent use, DeWalt scroll saws of today are a mere shadow of what they once were, like so many other tools.
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    Thanks for the link Barry! I found a well written article there about what one needs to know before buying a bandsaw. I am glad I read it!

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    I too went with the DeWalt after much research. The problems Barry points out seem to have been resoled a while back. Mine is currently about 3-1/2 years old. I've been through countless blades and hours of use, I primarily use it for 3/4" hardwood stock although it has done its fair share of thin stock for Christmas ornaments, desk signs, window hangings and so forth. The only issue I had was one of the ones often reported on the type II's; the table was not flat. The service center ordered me one without any issue at all (it seemed like table problems with this saw were almost standard procedure). The new table was flat as a pancake and I have had no issues since. LOML uses it as well and we both enjoy it. It is probably the lowest end saw I would consider if you are looking at getting into it. Others I tried were akin to the comparison of a Black and Decker $25 jigsaw (a jumping jack) to a Bosch 1590 (smooooth); totally different animals. Saws seem to come up on the used market with little use from those who thought they were going to get into scrolling but just didn't. Key elements on my list are variable speed, a large table surface, easy blade changes, clear line of sight to the blade to wood contact area and ease of threading for fretwork. YMMV.
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    I always wanted a Hawk G4 saw, but the price tag of $1199 is way out of my range. It's a nice saw an friend of mine had one an loved it.
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    I inherited an old very heavy-duty SS from my father. It even had a transmission that needed periodic oil changes. I didn't think I would enjoy doing SS so sold it for $250.00. Now, I wish I had kept. There are times a SS would be handy for certain projects even if one does not take it up as a serious avocation. From what little I know, get one where the upper arm does not flap up and down.
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    ON the scroll saw forums the most popular saw now is the Excaliber EX21. Used to be Dewalt till their quality control and customer service went to china.
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    I've seen several Hawks on Craigslist for reasonable prices. If you are not in a hurry, that is a good option. I have the Dewalt that I bought about 6-7 years ago. I don't use it often but I like it and have never had any problems problems with it.
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