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Thread: So is this weekend being blow off

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    So is this weekend being blow off

    It's FRIDAY !

    I'm painting on the Wolf all weekend.
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    doing the heavy lift shopping at costco after picking up the wife from school, then 4 more days of being a dead man walking at work....
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    Unfortunately I have a funeral to go to this afternoon. My BIL's brother's fight with cancer ended recently so family time tonight.

    Tomorrow I get to have some fun as a bunch of college friends are meeting in Lawrence, KS for a KU bball game and running (well walking really) around to some old favorite drinking establishments ...Sunday I hope to have some shop time unless the cold weather is too much for me.
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    Jeff, so sorry to hear about your BIL.

    Snowstorm being called for. Up to 2', so we'll see.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    After work this evening, I'll be seeing my wife for the first time in over 2 months. She's coming out for a 9 day visit (she's on the plane as I type this). Tonight we're going to a local pub to see some musician friends of mine play, and I'll be sitting in with them for a few songs. (This will be the first time LOML has seen me play on stage.) Saturday night we're planning to go to one of the local Indian casinos to see another band of friends play. (I doubt I'll sit in with them, since I've not rehearsed with them.) Sunday will be a big belated Christmas gathering at my sister's house with a bunch of family and friends.
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    Computer (SketchUp mostly) time this afternoon. Anniversary dinner with LOML at Applebee's tonight.

    Saturday might be a little shop time. Also have some yard work to do but it might be a bit cool for that.

    Sunday should be a lazy day for us - nothing planned but nothing!
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    More dirt work. Gotta try and at least finish up the foundation for the greenhouse...
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    Mostly shop time I hope. Sill hobbling around on the smashed toe and the problems with the back have returned with full vengeance. we'll see
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    Well, I work weekends. I try to woodwork the end of the week. Close enough? Getting ready to build a pulpit. Today I will be working a panel shuttle that was posted a few weeks ago.

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    Been doing a shop inventory and drafting up a plan of attack to get things sorted out, so will work on that more tonight. Tomorrow we're watching two of our nephews (5 & 3), so I'm sure we'll have our hands full (with the 3 year old alone).

    The metal skin on the building plays havoc on my shop door alignment. So, I need to make a new strike catch for the shop door that has some play top and bottom. With the hot/cold weather we've been having I have to keep adjusting the strike plates up and down over and over, about an inch either way. Luckily it's only up and down and not racking the door.

    Sunday will be working on the booth more and testing out new graphics, need to cut out some props as well to paint.

    Jeff, sorry to hear about the BIL.

    Vaughn, Glad to hear your finally going to have someone to get you back in line.

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