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Thread: Really bad week.

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    Really bad week.

    Am having a real bad week. My neighbor was run over by their payloader Tuesday morning in the dark. The operator never saw him and he was warned many times not to be where he was. He made it through surgery after being air lifted to the Hospital but died the next morning. The guy absolutely loved farming and had just retired a few years ago from his career in the auto industry. At 68 years old he was doing what he loved so they find some comfort in that. Say a prayer or two for his family if you would. RIP Butch.

    I use the payloader doing the same job for them on weekends. You sure can't stress safety enough. Had a few near misses with him myself and told him more than once to be more careful.
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    Man that's rough Paul. Safety is nothing to mess with that's for sure...
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    Sad news indeed.
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    sorry to hear of your loss paul... at least it wasnt you doing the driving..
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    Tragedy indeed Paul. Prayers for all.


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    Prayers and thoughts to all. Such a needless tragedy.

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    Always sorry to see news like this. I knew someone years ago who died in a similar manner on a construction site. He was an asphalt crew foreman, and he was run over by one of his own trucks.
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    Man, sorry to hear this. Never good to hear about something that could have been prevented. Prayers to all.

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    Real sorry to hear of this Paul had our own bit of similar sad news from SA this week seems its going around. Must be real tough on the driver.

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    I'm so sorry to hear this Paul. As Rob said, it seems like the theme for the week. Funeral for a great friend and truly gifted metal fabricator is this morning in our little town, killed in an accident in his own shop.
    Be careful out there. Things we routinely do without a thought can reach out and kill or injure when we least expect it.

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