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Thread: NTM (New to me) Wood Rack

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    NTM (New to me) Wood Rack

    I've got a little room in the back of my shop that the previous owner used for storage. In it were these two shelving units I've been meaning to scrap for some time now.
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    After closer inspection. I realized that they were actually pretty heavy duty and in decent shape. So I've knocked most of the dirt off and moved them out to the shop area for storing my rough cut lumber on.
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    I placed them about 4' from the outside wall. Going to build a sheet goods rack between the wall and shelving units for sorting out my sheet goods as I need to.
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    darren those shelves are like the ones in the stores and they hold considerable amount weight for the size of them..
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    Great way to put some old stuff to good use again. They'll serve well for a long time and keep you organised

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    Nice way to save a few bucks!
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    Lumber and sheet goods storage seem to be two of my constant irritations. Several months ago Glenn and I built a new system. It is tremendously better than what I had before. However, it is still a constant, nagging, irritation. Now if Myrna and I could just move into the garage and let me take over the house for a shop, I could probably last a year or two before I ran out of room again.

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