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Thread: Twisty juniper wood

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    Twisty juniper wood

    First time posting to this forum, looks like a nice place to be. The photo is a picure of the wood I work with, wondering if anybody else has worked with it before. I find this wood on ranches, clean the bark off, dry it, then sell it like you see in the photo or make furniture out of it.
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    Welcome to the forum Bruce. A lot of us work with twisted wood, or are twisted ourselves. You'll fit right in

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    Welcome to the Family, Bruce!

    That's some mighty interesting wood you've got there. I'm sure it's interesting to work with!
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    Welcome Bruce !!!

    Never seen that wood before. Sure is pretty neat !
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    Welcome Bruce, we're finally getting a few more Oregonians!

    Beautiful wood.
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    Nice, never used anything THAT twisty but it sure does show of the pretty on the wood especially the white sap over the red heart wood. I think my cousin around Klamath Falls gets some pieces like that...

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    Thanks for the welcome guys!

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    Yeah, there's quite a bit of juniper in the Klamath Falls area of Oregon. I haven't done any wood hunting in that area though, I just see it when I'm driving to CA on hwy.97.

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    That twisted wood looks very similar to Diamond Willow!
    Mack C. in Brooklin ON
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    Welcome Bruce. Have you made anything with this wood? We love Pictures!!!!
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