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    I am contemplating building a pantorouter
    Anybody build one of these? I am thinking of this for mortise and tenon right now and would like to start using dovetails and fingerjoints in the future.

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    Commercially it is called a slot mortiser, and is a common "fifth" function on combination machines - in my case the cutter is in a fixed place and the work piece is moved. Rather than cutting tenons, the mortises go so fast that I cut mortises on both pieces and use floating tenons.

    If you are interested in the MiniMax slot mortiser, I have a page showing how to use it at
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    I visit that website regularly... He has some very interesting projects and ideas. Definitely a non-traditional approach to the hobby!
    I have not built one myself, but there are links at the bottom of that webpage for reader-built units.
    There's usually more than one way to do it... ........

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