Well i accidently stumble on this 8" 3/4hp grinder for $31.53 and having always wanted a second one decide heck with it whats to loose i can take it back if its junk.

Well this pm i take son to mall and on way back stop in and get said grinder. Well what would you know i had a inkling in the back of my head i should have opened the box in the store and had em run it. But if you been shopping with a 17 year old they suffer such embarresment when a guy like me wants to see the think run i decided to keep the peace and just bring the box home.

Well open it up and before i could even get it out of all its packing i re packed it and its going back for a second try.

THis unit had been dropped while in the box and although reasonably well protected it aint protected agains a full on drop on its side. So the one wheel was cracked all the way through caused by the wheel cover that had been bent over when it hit the deck.

So its take two already this time i will return on my own and make a decision in the store as to keeping it or not. If it comes home it will get fitted with a wire brush and my felt wheel. For this price i cannot go wrong.

Kinda had one of Darrens days shoud have stayed in bed too. Hope this does not become contaigous on this board. Darren then Allen and now me....