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    My friends Shop

    I went and took a look at a friends wood shop today. He is an older man who said he would help me out and give me advise anytime I needed it. He makes wooden boxes that our shop uses to ship air coolers that we make. He has a full shop. Joiner, planer, table saw, two sliding miter saws, scroll saw, two router tables and a delta dust collection system. Since I don't have a place to work at right now I'm going to let him borrow the two Bessy clamps I bought on clearance.

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    Sounds like a good trade off Greg. It's good you found someone to mentor you. We enjoy lots of project pics here, so looking forward to seeing what you build.

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    Learning is a fun and wonderful thing. Take all of the help the elder gentleman will give you. Ask "dumb" (even though they are not) questions on FWW.

    Have fun and


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    One of the things that I enjoy most about woodworking is that you are always learning something. It's great that someone is offering to share what they have learned as this shortens your own learning curve. If I ever run out of "new" things to learn, try or do, I'd get bored.
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