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Thread: It's Friday! 2/17 edition

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    It's Friday! 2/17 edition


    I've got a 3 day weekend. Will be working on some photo booth stuff tonight as I'll be doing my niece's b-day party tomorrow night. Sunday I'll be doing some pickup around the shop and moving more stuff around. I may try to get the CNC router setup again to play with. Monday we've got to drop my wife's car off to get a seal changed, was quoted $35 and told that they had already done a couple this week for the same kind of car. Owner was a real nice guy to talk to, so hopefully I'll be able to finally give some faith to a local car shop.

    So what's everyone else got going on?

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    Continuing working on re-organizing and set up of the shop expansion

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    visiting my niece in school.
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    The bed.
    The bed.
    The bed.

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    Retirement means I have lots more time to do woodworking; right?

    No. Retirement means that I have to scrounge and plot to find time to do woodworking. That is because being retired means that you have time to do (add any 1,000 tasks that apply to you) ________. And because of these 1,000 tasks that you now have time to do, you have to scrounge to find time to do woodworking.

    Enjoy (if you can find time),

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    Saturday I'll be spending one more day with LOML before she heads back home. Sunday I'll be moping around the house and feeling lonely. Monday I'll be enjoying the fact that I work for a government contractor and we get all the federal holidays off with pay.
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    Got to show up in the shop in the morning to hand out some furniture and then taking off for the open road for the day. Maybe Sunday too.
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    working on a design for a cradle for some friends of ours. being just plain lazy on saturday, then back to work on sunday.
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    Friday: I was actually back in my shop for a short while today doing a bit to some components of my credenza project that I'm still trying to get on track after dealing with a lot of Winter allergy issues the past month! I'm also working on elements of a remodel of our master bathroom on SketchUp.

    Saturday: The NASCAR drought is over!!! Needless to say, I'll be in front of the big screen a large part of the day!

    Sunday: Should be a lazy day. I'll prepare brunch as usual. Then, if the weather cooperates, a couple of ribeyes will make their way to the grill later in the day.
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    Tonight a quiet night at the house. I will be drinking plenty of water in preperation for the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival tomorrow. I might be a bit bloated after 6hrs of bacon and beer so the rest of the weekend will be for recovery.
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