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Thread: Cutting mortises

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    Cutting mortises

    I need to cut mortises in Amazon Rosewood. The mortises are 1" by 2" by 1.5" deep. I have the Delta Hollow Chisel Mortising machine but never used it for anything as large as these mortises. Should I clean out the mortises with a Forstner bit on a drill press first to ease the load on the machine?

    Thanks for all advice and suggestions, DKT

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    I think the Forstner bit idea would be a good one, especially on wood as hard as rosewood.
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    i second vaughns advice.. but you do need to have enough for the bit to start in, if you try to just shave off a corner you could have trouble in the hard rose wood so take it easy dont force it.
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    When I do any large mortise's (or is it mortisi) like you are talking about I just drill em out and take out the waste with a chisel. When I did the commision for the church I needed 1" wide mortises and found it was just quicker to do it that way and far more accurate. Also when I am working with em that size I mortise both pieces and use a floating tenion. You might also consider cutting the mortises with a router and use floating tenions.
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    I'm with Don on both methods. Hog out the waste and dress up the edges and ends with a chisel or hog it out with a router on both parts for floating stock.
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